SigmaKey Box 2.33.34 Crack Full Activated Free Download

SigmaKey Box 2.33.34 Crack Full Activated Free Download

SigmaKey Box 2.33.34 Crack is used for flashing, unlocking, and repairing all MTK Android smartphones and tablets. You can install the software with just one click. Sigmakey or you can call it Sigma box hardware Warranty is 6 months, starting from the first day of updates. The program can be used as the repairing software for your blocked devices. For unblocking it uses the most unique methods like Yoda, Sidewinder, and Heuristic. You can also download the Piranha Box Crack.

SigmaKey Box Crack Full Free Download

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First, activate the Sigmakey box Crack then it can update it from the Sigma updater tools. Segmakey/ Sigma box connected to PC with USB port. It is imposed to connect it directly with the motherboard USB port avert by USB connection. It is the most unique box in the world, no other box is available with the same qualities. Updated Sigma software is first with a full powerful features box which is designed.

SigmaKey Box Crack is a versatile tool meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of the latest smartphones utilizing MTK, TI OMAP, Broadcom, and Qualcomm technologies. This tool encompasses a diverse array of functionalities for comprehensive mobile phone servicing, unlocking, and repairs. It is imperative to note that the list of features and supported models may undergo enhancements over time; therefore, it is recommended to refer to the official SigmaKey website or documentation for the most current information.


  • Directly unlock various smartphone models.
  • Retrieve unlock codes from the device.


  • Flash firmware to address software-related issues.
  • Read and write full flash and calibration data files.

IMEI Repair:

  • Rectify or alter IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers.

Security Area Repair:

  • Mend security areas for supported models.

Diagnostic Functions:

  • Read and present device information.
  • Access test point visuals for supported models.

Repair Features:

  • Resolve software-related issues, including bricked or inactive phones.

Language Change:

  • Modify the language on supported devices.

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Reset:

  • Reset FRP lock on supported models.

Read/Write/Format Memory:

  • Read and write various memory types on the device.

SIM Unlock:

  • Unlock the device for compatibility with different SIM cards.

Hardware Repair:

  • Access test points for hardware diagnostics and repair.

Broadcom Features:

  • Flash and mend Broadcom-based smartphones.

MTK Features:

  • Flash, unlock and repair MTK (MediaTek) based smartphones.

Qualcomm Features:

  • Flash, unlock and repair Qualcomm-based smartphones.

TI OMAP Features:

  • Flash and mend TI OMAP-based smartphones.

SigmaKey Box continually evolves to meet the dynamic demands of the ever-changing smartphone landscape, providing an all-encompassing solution for mobile servicing.

Sigmakey Crack Features

SigmaKey Crack has the following features. With the help of these features, you can avail benefits from it. You can change the coding and IEMI numbers.

Read Codes/Unlock:

  • Direct Unlock
  • Android smartphones positioned on MTK CPU-supported
  • Alcatel, Motorola, ZTE, and other MTK brands
  • Huawei with old and new security types
  • There is no obligation to select the model from the list
  • The standalone solution does not require any server codes or credits
  • All firmware reports and provider IDs are supported
  • Fast unlock procedure
  • Read the User Code, no private information will be lost
  • Read/generate all types of codes

Motorola EX-series, Huawei, Android smartphones:

  • NP (Network Personalization) code
  • NSP (Network Subset Personalization) code
  • CP (Corporate Personalization) code
  • SP (Service Provider Personalization) code
  • SIMP (SIM Personalization) code
  • NS-SP personalization code
  • SIM-C personalization code

 Alcatel, Motorola WX-series:

  • NCK (Network Control Key) code
  • NSCK (Network Subset Control Key) code
  • SPCK (Service Provider Control Key) code
  • CCK (Corporate Control Key) code
  • PCK (Personalization Control Key) code

Support of specific firmware and hardware versions:

  • Models locked with “hardware lock”
  • Models with auto SP-lock
  • The Models with more than one SIM
  • Models with disabled unlock code menu

Unlock Code Calculation by IMEI:

  • Supported models such as Alcatel, Motorola, Orange, TCL,  Vodafone, T-Mobile, TMN, ZTE
  • Internet connection is not required for the calculation of codes
  • Standalone solution does not necessary server codes or credits
  • No limit to the capacity of codes calculated per day


  • Sigmakey flash files are stored in the .skf extension
  • Read the phone’s firmware version
  • COM port speed – more than 921600 bps
  • Read and restore backup
  • Update firmware (restore the backup from one phone to another)
  • Upgrade and downgrade firmware version
  • Great flash files archive
  • Correct firmware promotion for Alcatel models (works with CUST PARA area)
  • Smart (fast) write mode
  • Simple write mode
  • Working with NAND and NOR flash chip type


  • Repair IMEI, including models having larger than one SIM
  • Repair Software IMEI (phones with IMEI placed in file system)
  • The Repair Hardware IMEI (phones with IMEI based in OTP area flash chip)
  • Repair Blank IMEI

Repair Security Area:

  • Improvement Security Area for Alcatel cell phones (flashing method)
  • Diagnostics and Security Area enhancement for Huawei cell phones (models with new security type)
  • Software Error 23
  • Software Error
  • The Software Error 3
  • Software Error 20
  • Other types of software errors

Phones file system:

  • Works with network calibrations (backup and restore)
  • Works with phone’s flex (backup and restore)
  • Phone book backup
  • Format file system

Other Options:

  • Works via UART interface
  • External RAM testing
  • Accelerating execution of operations (boost mode)
  • Auto-detect MTK boot speed
  • DTR & RTS serial port control
  • Multilingual software interface

Unlock code calculation by IMEI:

  • Supported phone brands like Alcatel, ZTE, TMN, T-Mobile, Motorola and other brands
  • Internet connection is not necessary for code calculation
  • A standalone solution does not need server codes or credits
  • No limit for quantity of codes performed per day

 Direct unlock:

  • Alcatel, ZTE, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, Smartphones, Phones and Tablets
  • Unlock via USB cable
  • Reset the counter of code entry attempts
  • Support for Smartphones with Android and Firefox OS
  • Support for Qualcomm Hexagon Smartphones

Locked boot loader:

  • Huawei smartphones with the locked boot loader
  • Read / Reset boot loader Unlock Password
  • Relock the Boot loader without any proof left in the firmware

Root Solution for Supported Android Smartphones:

  • Various Android versions are supported for Root/Unroot
  • Enable the Diagnostic port feature

Repair security area:

  • Alcatel Smartphone’s
  • Reconstruction of corrupted security data file
  • Huawei Smartphone
  • Repair security area
  • Enable firmware downgrading
  • Sony Android smartphones

Read all types of codes:

  • Alcatel, Motorola, Huawei smartphones
  • NCK (Network Control Key) code
  • NSCK (Network Subset Control Key) code
  • SPCK (Service Provider Control Key) code
  • CCK (Corporate Control Key) code
  • PCK (Personalization Control Key) code
  • ZTE smartphones
  • NCK code (Old and New Security)
  • Reconstruction of corrupted security data file
  • Display the total of wrong code-entering attempts

Unlock code calculation by IMEI:

  • Supported many phone brands such as Alcatel, ZTE, TMN, T-Mobile, Motorola and others
  • Internet connection is not necessary for code calculation
  • A standalone solution does not need server codes or credits
  • No restriction for the volume of codes calculated per day

IMEI repair:

  • Motorola smartphones
  • Sony smartphones
  • ZTE phones
  • ZTE smartphones
  • Huawei smartphones

Enable Diagnostic port:

  • This element is supported for some Qualcomm-based devices.

Segma Key Box Crack System Requirements

Free Hard Drive Space 20 MB
Processor Intel Celeron (R) CPU 2.26 GHz


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